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Top 2011 NFL Draft Pick Prince Amukamara Part of Royal Wedding Guest List

Corn Nation has learned that Nebraska's Prince Amukamara, a projected top first-round pick in the 2011 NFL draft, will attend the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey between Prince William and commoner Catherine "Kate" Middleton.

Amukamara, whose name in Nigerian translates to "man of many smiles", received an official wedding invitation last month. The invitation, sent to the Nebraska's Athletic Department and addressed to "The Royal American Footballer of Nigerian Descent", was at first a surprise to the young defensive back.  

"I think they got me confused with will a real Prince", said Amukamara, while Bo Pelini interrupted, yelling "The Prince Of the Blackshirts!!!!!!" while other Nebraska defensive players yelled "Huzzah!" and danced around the locker room.

It's a busy schedule for Mr. Amukamara, who this week will be attending the 2011 NFL Draft in New York City, then immediately flying to England for the royal nuptials.

Amukamara has already spent time meeting with a royal tutor to learn proper etiquette in dealing with English royalty.

Amongst items considered taboo:

-  Don't touch the Queen Mum!

-  Don't ask "Where's the King?"

- The differences between a King, a Duke, an Earl, a Prince, a Baron, peasants, serfs, and people from Iowa

-  Prince William was never in a can. That was Prince Albert.

-  Kate Middleton is not to be referred to as a "commoner". That's an American myth.

Don't Talk to English People About Your Perfect Teeth 

-  Windsor is not an alcohol. Privy does not mean you know special information. 

-  Bernard Montgomery was a better general than George Patton

As to who he's looking forward to meeting most, Amukamara stated "that Mr Bean guy", otherwise known as Rowan Atkinson.

Amukamara will be introduced with a temporary title during the ceremonies - His Royal Highness Prince Prince Amukamara, Royal Cover Cornerback of the Most Noble Order Of The Blackshirts.

Larry the Cable Guy was not invited.