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Corn Bred - Husker Theme Songs Needing An Update With Big Ten Hate

Kind of cheesy, but I like it anyway. 


One problem. Husker theme songs are in serious need of an update. Singer songwriter Gary Bragg here would rather "beat Oklahoma than get rich from this song". Well, last year, so would I, but we ain't in last year anymore, so it's time for something new, ain't it? 

How 'bout "I'd rather beat the Iowa Hawkeyes to death while drawing my last breath" or "I'd rather drop 58 on Michigan State than play Texas again for it all..." 

You can't tell me a good songwriter can't get a good rhyme with Brett Bielema getting an enema, Brady Hoke and a choke, and there's gotta be a whole gob of things you can do with Jerry Kill. 

We have a whole bunch of new fans, new teams to hate. It ain't like you can't find a reason to hate Iowa, so just start there and everyone else will fall into place within the next couple of years!