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Corn Flakes: Happy Easter!

Or Spring Time, whatever.


Peeps are gross. No one can tell me otherwise.

Not a lot going on now that the Spring Game is over but some links still caught my eye.


Life in the Red's Blog | Bo: Martinez leads QB race

Can he handle being the starting QB? I'm starting to wonder what we'll see out of Martinez next year. I know what he did against Washington and KSU, but how he ended the year, well you know. So what do you think happens?


Pelini seems to use the Spring Game as a reward, to some extent, for a hard, tough camp. Drafting teams, jumbling up rosters, it's fun. It creates a sense of competition and camaraderie. His players – especially some of the older guys – love it. Cassidy's gamesmanship in the fourth quarter is a memorable little footnote.

Yep the spring game really does tell us very little. Enjoy it for what it's worth a practice.

Life in the Red's Blog | 'N' brand is classy, DiNardo says

Ah yes, "Nebraska" -Native American for whale's vagina. You stay classy Nebraska!

But lame movie references (lame reference, not movie) aside more people happy Nebraska has made the move.

Draft talk and NU baseball after the jump!


Middle infield duo has Husker defense in good hands

How are you faithful baseball fans feeling? I'm still not on board.

Post season? We're talking about the post season after a series win over KSU? What am I missing?


Life in the Red's Blog | Helu impresses Harbaugh

"I absolutely loved it," Harbaugh told the Comcast Sports Network. "Both Shane and Roy, those guys are highly-thought-of running backs, and they're going to go high in the draft. For them to come out here and compete, and you could see the joy they had in competing in the one-on-ones and 7-on-7, that got me fired up. So cool. "They're not the prima-donna kind of guys that pass on those things. I was really impressed with that. And both of those guys were very even in the drills they were doing. I think we'll have to go to the tape to see who won. That impressed me."

I'm thinking Roy will do well.

Lions wouldn't pass on Amukamara, right? - NFC North Blog - ESPN

Where would you like to see Prince end up? He could be with Suh and Vanden Bosch...