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Corn Flakes: The Day After the Spring Game

Happy day after the spring game everyone!


How to handle people that tell you "Nebraska won" yesterday.

Lets get this post started!

Find yourself at the Husker spring game -

The Omaha World-Herald used Gigapan technology to create a 261 megapixel image (that's .26 gigapixels for you photo buffs) of the action and attendees at Saturday's Husker spring game on April 16, 2011. The large panoramic image was created by stitching together 30 high-resolution photos taken over a period of 2½ minutes.

I couldn't find myself, though I'm not sure it zooms to California.

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: The Kids Are Alright

One of the biggest cheers of the day came when HuskerVision pointed out that the "B1G" is just 75 days away. I'm still not sure fans have really come to complete grips about this. Sure, we're happy to yell "Forget You" to Texas and Dan Beebe, but I don't know that we really understand what we're getting ourselves into. I know I'm optimistic that the Huskers can do quite well, but that's just speculation at this point. In the meantime, there's a crash-course to learn about 11 new opponents first.

Shatel: Questions abound, but Blackshirts, Turner look good -

So yeah evidently 1 scrimmage didn't answer all our questions. Ground breaking stuff here. At least he gets in his thoughts on Turner, Carnes, and the Defense.

Well that's enough for the front page, but don't worry the links after the jump aren't JV links or anything like that.

Eric Martin flourishing at defensive end

"Now he's proven he can just line up and play defensive end in a four-man front," Pelini said. "It even makes you more flexible, because opponents don't know if you're in a four- or five- or three-man front when he's in there."

Well I'm sure the Pelini Bros won't be using this to it's full effect. Ignore this, it never happened...

Steven M. Sipple: Jamal Turner's flip a no-no, but his play? Oh, yes

Chatelain: Jamal a real head-turner -

Can we agree not to call him Turner the Burner?

Spring Game: Five things to like -

From the Sidelines: Spring game teems with prospects -

Seemed like they were having a good time. Quick get them a Runza and seal the deal!

QB Brion Carnes makes favorable first impression

"I could care less about the statistics in a spring game," he said. "That's not an issue."

Thoughts on the newest QB situation?

Life in the Red's Blog | Call in the cleanup crew

Will turnovers, and penalties continue to be a large problem?

Shatel: Berringer's impact still felt after 15 years -

Mostly, I think that some of us still gravitate to Berringer because of his selflessness. He bounded off the bench and took the wheel of the 1994 national title season when asked and then handed the wheel back to Frazier in 1995 without a fuss. The portrait of the team player. Not the first or last to be a team guy at Nebraska. But he was the highest profile team player on the greatest teams of that era.

Don't read this if you don't want to get all misty.