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2011 Nebraska Spring Red White Game Open Thread

Red vs White

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

1:00 PM Central

Televised: No!

Streaming: No!

Audio: Husker Sports Network - Online

CN is having an open thread today even though the game is not televised. Consider it a "chat" about Husker football before the long offseason march to August begins.

As site manager, I'd like to extend you a hearty welcome if you've just happened to run into Corn Nation on your search for Nebraska football information.   

To post, you need to create an account by clicking on the 'Sign Up" button at the upper left. All you need is an email address. Here's a complete explanation of the process, including how to use some Hot Keys to more easily navigate the comment system. 

Once you join Corn Nation, you're free to join any other SB Nation site with the same account. SB Nation has around 300 sports sites, including a site for EVERY TEAM IN THE BIG TEN! That's a whole lot of access through one account. If you need more incentive, accounts are free!!

There are 38 spring games today, including six in the Big Ten.

- Indiana                    10:00 AM

- Michigan                  11:00 AM

- Iowa                         12:00 PM

- Northwestern          12:00 PM      

- Nebraska                 1:00 PM

- Penn State               1:00 PM

All but Nebraska will be available on the Big Ten Network, whether by streaming or by delay.