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Fun Friday - What Signs Will You See At the Nebraska Spring Game?

The temperatures have dropped and there's a blizzard hitting Western Nebraska.... or well, it's hitting west of Grand Island, anyway. Doesn't that make it western Nebraska then? 

Perhaps this is an omen - a sign that we're meant for the Big Ten. A sign that we're prepare ourselves to play in this type of weather all the time (despite the concept that the snowy North and football is overblown). 

In any case, here we are, the last Friday before the long offseason really begins. If you can't have fun today despite the weather, I'm not sure what you're gonna do. 

Today's theme - What Signs WIll You See At the Nebraska Spring Game? 

To get out yer paint and yer photoshopping skills and let's see some good stuff today! Spring is here! (Kind of)