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The NU Freshman Class of 2011 - A Recruiting Review


Welcome to the complete review of this year's recruiting class with all of the in depth analysis and prognostication that I can bring to the table when it comes to the future of the program Version 2011.1. I don't work for Rivals or Scout, I haven't travelled coast to coast watching these kids live and even though the coaches themselves don't know how they are going to develop over the next few years, I will boldly predict their futures.

Care to check it out?

There is a reason that I'm coming to the dance with a signing day review in mid-April and it's a fairly solid excuse.

I did it back in February.

No, no, I can prove it. Back then I was blogging away for Better Off Red under the moniker Seeing Red before we became SB Nation cohorts. Since there wasn't a similar piece waiting over here, I figured it's a win-win situation. Corn Nation gets a recruit review, and I get slap another headline up here for doing nothing more than mastering the link function!

Just a couple quick notes before the clicking begins:

1) It's a simple format. I throw out some basic numbers, give my quick opinions on what I've seen on film or read about these guys, follow up with the Justin Test, and make my assessment of their futures. I only do this individually and not in any sensible way that accounts for the guys already on the roster or the number of starting positions actually available.

I REALLY liked this class, so out of the 19, I may have tagged about 6 future All Americans, 14 All Big 10 guys and multiple cases of more starters than there are actual starting spots at a position. So be it.

2) What is the Justin test? Fairly simple. He was credited in the recent 15 Fans You Hate To Tailgate With andhis work here is just as invaluable. More is explained in the articles, but quite simply, the Justin test consists of him looking at a picture of a recruit and making the determination as to whether or not he thinks he can whip his ass in a fight. Offers to youngsters to which the answer to that would be yes are considered unsatisfactory.

For example, the Tyler Evans offer in 2010 was considered awful when he had a normal haircut & a silly grin. When he shaved the sides of his head like Shute from Vision Quest and scowled in the new picture, things were better.

It was a four part series and the links are below:

PART ONE - Abdullah, Allen, Bondi & Carter

PART TWO - Davie, Jackson, Klachko, Price

PART THREE - Peat, Pirman, Reeves, Stafford, Williams

PART FOUR - Sterup, Moore, Green, Starling, Santos, Turner