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Fun Friday Poll Topics

Oh, in case you didn't know how this works, every Monday I post a list of topics. Community Users vote on them until Wednesday, and then on Friday release good or (mostly) bad photoshops around that topic.

We have not had a huge amount of response on the Fun Friday feature, but I'm still interested in building a community that has some photoshopping skills (good or bad), and I'm stubborn as hell, so, well, there you go. Nanner nanner.

My problem right now is that I'm buried by my real job in which I have tons of work and more is coming in all the time, making me conclude that the economy is picking up. As if that ain't enough, I'm in the middle of putting together next year's Cornhusker Kickoff Nebraska Football Yearbook.

And if those aren't enough, I have three kids who are practicing and about to begin a season of soccer. (Notice how I list them last? Some father I am.)

I saw earlier on twitter that Brian Christopherson put out a spring game ticket sales update, which is currently at 55,000, so it's no where near a sell out. That's all right, though - most places would consider selling 50-60k tickets to a spring game some sort of miracle.