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2011 Red-White Nebraska Spring Game: Fourth Annual - For What Will We Cheer?

Since it's a special week, consider this as a replacement for the "Monday Question". We'll have a separate poll for Fun Friday since I can't run two polls in a single article.

With the 2011 Red-White Spring game coming up, it's time for the annual gauge on what Husker fans most want to see this Saturday. In other words, for what do you think Husker fans will cheer the loudest?

Poll and more after the jump.....

In 2008, Husker fans were simply happy to have Bo Pelini as our coach. Remember that Bill guy? Pretty easy vote, actually. Anything was better than what we'd just been through as fans.

In 2009, we voted for the defense - "A big defensive play - A big hit or a turnover". In second place was "Ndamukong Suh". 20 years from now, what will you tell your children about him?

Last season Husker fans foreshadowed the season by voting for "a big play from a quarterback" with "some guy we've never heard of making a big play" coming in second place.

This year's poll contains five questions, but none about the defense. I don't see where we have any issues with the defense with the possible exception of defensive end, but even then it compares little to what's happening with the offense.

I've included a special teams question because I believe it's one of the biggest issues the Huskers face this fall, although it's not a big part of the spring game. Still if what little kicking and punting we may do looks bad....