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Fun Friday Meets 80s Hair Bands

Fun Friday and April Fools Day, all rolled into one? What kind of whacky high jinx could happen?

Seriously, probably nothing out of the ordinary. I'm not much of an April Fool's kind of guy. Why save practical jokes for one day out of the year when you've got all year to do them? It's like telling people up front what's coming and where's the fun in that?

This week 80s Hair Bands barely edged out Mount Rushmore as the topic of choice, winning the vote 44-43.  Nice to know that we've developed a community who values Dee Snider's contribution to society more than the four most bestest presidents in US History.

Then again, who gives a rat's ass about Dee Snider's contribution to society. Or US Presidents for that matter.  You just want to see see Jim Tressel and his boyz decked out as Poison, right? Or Slaughter. Guns N Roses? Or my favorite, Angel. 

Have to admit - these were not my bands in the 80s. My hair bands were Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, and the Boomtown Rats. Hell, even the Sex Pistols - they didn't have the androgynous look going, but they sure as hell spawned a whole new generation of music-devoted uniform wearing.

Again, suggestions for Fun Friday topics are welcome in the comments section.