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Big Ten Countdown: 91 - Let's Go Bowling!

Yesterday we wrote about Nebraska's traveling trophy with Missouri, the Victory Bell. 

On day 91 of our countdown we are going to talk about bowling.  No not Nebraska's history of bowl games or the Big Ten's bowl tie-ins.  We are going to go over the ladies Bowling Team!  On the NCAA's official bowling site, the University of Nebraska bowlers have not one, but two front page articles covering their dominance.  Big Ten rivals better be ready for our lady bowlers because they can roll with anyone.

Ok, so that was really bad.  Give me a second chance!  I'm sure I can pick up the spare.  Anyway, our bowlers kick some serious butt, so they need a day in the countdown, too.  Where does 91 come into play?  It was 1991 that they won their first National Title.  In all, they have won 8 National Titles in the last 20 years.  Not too shabby.

Many of the Big Ten schools have bowling teams, though most are intramural.  Ohio State, Michigan (no woman's team this year), Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, and Iowa (occasionally has a team) have teams, but we'll probably just knock em all down. 

There are some good resources on about the bowling team.  If you are interested, you should check them out.  The team this year has a very good chance of getting another National Title.  I think it's about time we build the ladies their own "training facility" on campus.  Maybe that will be my first goal when I become AD after Tom retires.

Tomorrow: Laces out, Alex.

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