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Fun Friday Meets Jim Tressel!

It's another Fun Friday! (You thought I forgot, didn't you?) 

This week, it's Jim Tressel, who will remain a major college football story line throughout the offseason and well into next year as the Buckeyes deal with multiple five-game suspensions, and an impending NCAA investigation that should lead to Tressel's doom unless new NCAA President Mark Emmert turns into a noodle (at which point we'll have a Fun Friday emphasizing noodle men). 

Buckeye fans have basketball to distract them, or if they're paying attention to football they're busy trying to compare the Bruce Pearl situation with that of Tressel, as if somehow Tressel is less guilty because he didn't lie as much. 

Hey, maybe Tressel will get out of this mess. Then again, maybe people are lining up for autographs for the same reasons they dipped their hankerchiefs in John Dillinger's blood so many years ago - to get a piece of fame while it's still warm and somewhat fresh.