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Tim Brown Interview Gives Insight To Bill Callahan's Fail

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This one comes from a reader who saw yesterday's bit on Bill Callahan.....

The Ticket is a radio station in Dallas and every year, they have an event called Ticketstock. It's a pretty big event and there are probably 4,000 people that show up to go to the event. At Ticketstock, they have local sports celebrities to go on the radio and talk about different things and one of the celebrities they got was Hall of Famer and Dallas' own, Tim Brown. The audio is from the morning show where they are discussing some of the audio from Brown's interview during Ticketstock.

Audio Link (Update: This link was from 2011 and has now expired)

The first story is about then Texas coach Fred Akers and how he treated Brown. It's surprising, but considering Akers failed at Texas and Purdue, maybe not.

The second story should be only somewhat surprising to Husker fans. Brown talks about then Oakland Raider coach Bill Callahan and how he changed the game plan the night before the Super Bowl. The original game plan was to play smash mouth football, but the night before, Callahan decides they're going to throw the ball 60 times.

(I say "somewhat surprising" because you should be familiar with our position on Callahan as the "clusterfool".)

Brown was really honest about how he thinks this affected center Barrett Robbins who was calling the plays and the relatively bizarre attitude of Callahan. Remember, this is same Barrett Robbins that went MIA the day before the Super Bowl.

Brown then talked about how Callahan wanted to leave with Gruden to Tampa Bay, but Gruden didn't take him (Brown doesn't say why). Brown mentions another incident where Brown is in a meeting room pleading with Charles Woodson and Charlie Garner not to beat the crap out of Callahan ("You can't hit him") and that Brown thinks that Callahan was trying to sabotage the Raiders organization.

Pretty interesting stuff.