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I have been visiting the Corn Nation counterpart SB sites of our new Big Ten brethren and could not help but notice the site names and taglines - I am sure there are stories behind each and every one.  But my first visit was to the Iowa site. Now I have absolutely no intention of starting anything, but really, that has got to be the weirdest tagline ever:

Black Heart Gold Pants -"Swelling with Hawkeye Pride since 2007"            

The "Black Heart" sounds ominous, but being followed by  "Gold pants" and swelling? What do you think (and aren't you glad Jon is more appropriately humorous)? 

Here are the others:

Maize n Brew -  "Come to Michigan! We have Candy. And Snow. Lots of Snow."      

Funny.  Self deprecating.  Candy and snow?  What's not to like?

Black Shoe Diaries - "We Blog For Penn State. There Is No Name On Our Jersey."

"Black Shoe Diaries": Sounds too much like "Red Shoe Diaries" to me (you older Showtime subscribers will know what I mean). I like the blunt challenge of the tagline, but I don't know about the name.......

Along The Olentangy - "An Ohio State Buckeye Community"                            

What's an "Oletangy"?  Sigh.  So much to learn about this new conference.   Good name, but the tagline sounds like it was written by an auditor.


Another no nonsense, humorless tagline but IN ALL CAPS. I like the 5th quarter in the name: it implies FOOTBALL.  But, alas, football season is over and there is nothing but, gulp, basketball.    I didn't know they had a 5th quarter in basketball. Again, so much new to learn in the Big 10....

Hammer and Rails - "Proving those wrong who doubt us"                                     

"Hammer and Rails" sounds tough.  Like, if you doubt us, we are going to hammer you into the turf and ride you out on a rail tough.   Awesome.

Hail to the Orange - "Home of the Blogging Illini"                                                      

Now we know where those blogging Illini got to.  But where do the non-blogging Illini go?  Where is this orange they worship?  Sounds like a cult, if you ask me.

The Daily Gopher - "Your online home for Minnesota Golden Gophers football, basketball and hockey."

This nerdy name sounds like a Clark Kent newspaper masquerading as a super modern day sports blog.  Tag line says it all, I guess...hey, Go-Go-Gophers.  Oh...sorry, wrong gophers.

The Crimson Quarry - "An unofficial Indiana Hoosiers blog"                                     

The name sounds ominous, like a great hole in the ground where the Cutters stomp the university kids into a bloody pulp. Plus, its an "unoffical" blog.  Sounds subversive.  Altogether kind of layered with menace. 

The Only Colors - "Freeeefallin'"                                                                                         

Now, I know Tom Petty is a Florida boy, so I really don't get this for Michigan State.   They could have used Nugents "Free For All" or Segers "Like a Rock" or something from other native sons like Eminem, etc.  Maybe it's a commentary on over-matched athletic hopelessness?  Why would you advertise that?

Sippin' On Purple - "Where Ryan Field isn't half-empty, it's half-full."                      

Is this like drinking the kool-aid?  I like the tagline optimism, but either way you look at it it implies lousy attendance. 

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