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Corn Flakes Avoids The Obvious

The primary focus of your links today is Big Ten recruiting roundups, recaps, what have you. It's not that I'm all that interested in the recruiting classes (try to prove yourself first, son, then we'll talk), but I want you to get accustomed to hitting the other Big Ten sites around the network. Each has their own style, their own way of doing things. 

Am I purposefully trying to avoid talking about Tim Beck, Shawn Watson, Barney Cotton, Scott Frost and this Garrison guy who was a graduate assistant that may be promoted to co-offensive line coach? 


Big Ten Recruiting 

I really wanted to find a Michigan State recruiting recap, but, alas, I did not. They're too busy worrying about basketball season. SB Nation sites from Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa and Penn State did pretty decent at breaking down their classes, though.

Iowa seemed to get a little obsessive - but can you blame them? 

Ohio State National Signing Day Superlatives, Part I - Along The Olentangy

Another football recruiting class is in the books for the Buckeyes. The 2011 class may have produced a little more drama coming down the stretch than Jim Tressel's first 10 classes, but it is also garnering accolades on par with his best efforts.

Ohio State National Signing Day Superlatives, Part II - Along The Olentangy

Ohio State National Signing Day Superlatives, Part II

BSD Roundtable Talks Penn State Recruiting - Black Shoe Diaries

Recapping the 2011 Penn State recruiting class. 

2012 Recruiting Needs: Offense - Maize n Brew

Michigan will be an experienced team in 2011. How will new coach Brady Hoke fill his 2012 recruiting class? 


CREEPYPALOOZA 2011: In the Trenches, Part 1 - Black Heart Gold Pants
BHGP breaks down the Iowa 2011 recruiting class


CREEPYPALOOZA 2011: In the Trenches, Part 2 - Black Heart Gold Pants
The second part of BHGP's breakdown of the Iowa hawkeyes offensive and defensive line recruits.


The Big Ten’s best newcomers - Husker Football
BRN's Brandon Vogel gets into the mix, looking at all the Big Ten teams. 




Feel Good

UI Children's Hospital To Receive Massive Addition, Thanks In Part To The BHGP Community - Black Heart Gold Pants
SB Nation's Iowa site, Black Heart Gold Pants, does a good thing for a children's hospital. Hard to believe - maybe they're not as evil as I've been lead to believe. I hate it when that happens, makes them harder to demonize.

Maybe that's okay, though, I'll just have to work harder at it. 

Tom Walter: Coach, Father, Husband and now a Hero. - Blogger So Dear

Maybe sometimes you want to feel really good about collegiate athletics. This is one of those times. Pretty amazing story out of Wake Forest. 

What? Football?


What did the Super Bowl tell us about NFL offenses? | National Football Post

Stretch the field and attack defenses. We see it weekly in the college game and I think it is about to make a big jump into the NFL. Use the running game to set up those route schemes and put the game in the hands of your QB. Defenses beware and start studying this tape—because it will get contagious.

Would it be a sign that the college football will start to move back towards power football if we're about to see more spread in the NFL?