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Packers vs Steelers: Super Bowl Open Thread

I'm pretty sure this starts real soon. I've stayed away from coverage so much, i'm not really sure what time it starts. OTOH, I don't think I'm much different than anyone else - because start time really doesn't mean anything when you're talking about the Super Bowl. 

If you're rooting ..... or wondering.... 

Brandon Jackson is a Husker. He plays for the Packers. 

No Husker I know of plays for the Steelers. Maybe I'm wrong. 

Plus - the Green Bay Packers em body the spirit of Nebraska football. They're not heavily populated, their fans are insane, there's a waiting list for tickets that requires people to die in order for you to get one, and they like beer. 

If that isn't enough - your site manager is a lifelong Packers fan. First grade - my best friend said "every one has to pick a pro team" - and since I was old enough that my brothers had Green Bay stuff all over the place - well, that pretty much sealed the deal.