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Corn Flakes: Is Not Looking At Your..... Uh... Well, We're Not.

SB Nation sites had some technical issues this morning, so there were issues posting. I'm late in getting something going as well this morning, so this group of clippings is more randomized than normal. It's disjointed, all over the place. 


For example, why is David Ubben of ESPN still cutting and pasting articles about Nebraska football on the ESPN Big 12 blog? One good explanation - because he's so slow that he doesn't realize Nebraska is no longer a member of the Big 12 - at least when it comes to football. And no, I'm not linking to him. 

Who are your favorite 2011 Gopher recruits? - The Daily Gopher
I know we're going to look down on Gopher football, but I believe they hired a good coach in Jerry Kill. And given the short time he had, he didn't do too bad with a recruiting class. Hey, maybe we'll only beat them by 30 points a game now (PROVIDED WE CAN ACTUALLY SCORE 30 POINTS EVER ON ANYONE)

Penn State 2011 Recruiting Class Roundup - Black Shoe Diaries
Recapping the 2011 Penn State recruiting class. We play them every year now, what? 

Michigan State's top five impact recruits The Detroit News

OG Donavon Clark, DE Joel Heath, RB Onaje Miller, LB Lawrence Thomas and DB Roger Williams could play immediate dividends for the Spartans.

Part of this move to the Big Ten is finding new (or more like, changing focus) sources, and realizing that from now on I have to pay attention to Michigan State football. That's kind of weird. 

Turf war for recruits is on between U-M and MSU The Detroit News

Michigan State might be the reigning Big Ten co-champion, but much of the talk around here lately has been about the football program in Ann Arbor, where the new head coach, Brady Hoke, has made no secret of his intention to reclaim Michigan’s traditional stronghold. So what does Dantonio think about that?

Know this. To understand the relationship between Michigan and Michigan State one might consider Sparty as the red-headed step child. Doesn't matter how good he does, people will always be looking down on him for some reason or another. 

And we have to pay attention to them. Really, I'm having a hard time with that sinking in. 

A Dilemma: Can I Root for Michigan if I Didn't Attend Michigan?
Read through this and take yourself back a few years. Does it remind you of all the "true fan" crap that happened at Nebraska during the Bill Callahan reign? Does it also remind you of how silly all that stuff was? Or am I reading the situation wrong? 

SEC rivals inevitably scandalized by Alabama's signing day fax cam
Okay, this probably wasn't even the best shot of her rear that they could find.... not that I was looking or anything. Looking at women? Is that even allowed anymore? 


UNL News Blog | The odd effect men’s ogling has on women

In a new study, researchers found that women who were subjected to an "objectifying gaze" were more severely affected by the action than men. Most notably, women performed significantly worse on math problems after being ogled – a concern for advocates of improving women’s roles in male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

What does this have to do with Husker football? NOTHING, but I bet those Alabama girls who were picking off the faxes during the signing day don't give two shits about being good at math. 

Think of the expanded possibilities for the Lifetime Channel, though. 


Nebraska Football

Bo Pelini Talking About The 2011 Recruiting Class With the Big Ten Network

Kind of different, but something to get used to. Nebraska on the BTN. Wohooo!!!!

Recruit not happy about lack of contact

Cornerback recruit Charles Jackson isn't happy that Sanders didn't tell him he was leaving, and you can't blame him for that. I don't care what Tom Osborne or Bo Pelini might have said to Sanders about telling anyone anything - if you have respect for people, you can at least tell the ones that are counting on you that you won't be there anymore.

Oregon football: Nebraska makes a play for former Husker Scott Frost

Nebraska’s interest in Frost surfaced the same day high school recruits signed national letters of intent. Five receivers signed Wednesday to play for Frost at Oregon, leaving some sources to suspect Frost would be compelled to remain with the Ducks this offseason.

Interesting comment about Frost from Oregon.

Pelini may turn to Els for LB coaching job

Ross Els may be the next linebacker coach. Els currently coaches under Frank Solich at Ohio University, where apparently they never take high resolution photos of anyone, especially those on their football coaching staff.