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Nebraska Defensive Secondary Coach Marvin Sanders Resigns

Marvin Sanders has resigned, releasing a statement through Bo Pelini, stating "personal and family reasons". 

"Marvin Sanders has resigned his position on our coaching staff for personal and family reasons. Marvin has decided the most important thing for him at this time is to take a break from coaching and spend more time with his family.

"Marvin is an excellent football coach, and he has been a key part of our defensive success here at Nebraska. The success of his secondary on the field speaks for itself, and he has a great rapport with his players and other members of the staff.

"I am working toward finding a replacement for Coach Sanders, and we will have an announcement on that once the University hiring process is completed."

 "Personal and family reasons" is typically code for "affair", which will lead to speculation that perhaps it did involve sex with cheerleaders, a common cause amongst coaching staff resignations, third behind losing and health. Sarcasm? A little, but unfortunately that's what happens when the cause is left to the imagination.

It's not as if we as fans are owed any further explanation in this case, but there is a sense of general frustration around the way things are handled at Nebraska. Maybe we should accept the constant shroud of secrecy as the way that all things must be handled and let it go at that. 

Marvin Sanders in one helluva coach. One need only look back to last season when Nebraska's Blackshirts were first in pass efficiency defense, lead by Prince Amukamara who is sure to be a top NFL draft pick in April. 

Hopefully he'll get things straightened out and resume his career, although somewhere else besides Nebraska. We at CN wish him the best of luck with everything. 

As for Shawn Watson and Ted Gilmore? It appears that's only a matter of time before Pelini makes another announcement.