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Nebraska Coaching Changes Coming - Marvin Sanders, Shawn Watson, Ted Gilmore Out?

Shawn Watson might me moving on. Chances our next offensive coordinator has as great looking hair as his - not good.
Shawn Watson might me moving on. Chances our next offensive coordinator has as great looking hair as his - not good.

If there wasn't enough buzz whirling around the Husker program during yesterday's awkward teleconference, it only got worse as the evening progressed. 

Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson, Defensive Secondary Coach Marvin Sanders and Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers/Recruiting Coordinator Ted Gilmore were not at last night's recruiting dinner. Neither was Bo Pelini. 

It's a pretty clear indication that something's afoot, although it might have been made clearer by an article by Steve Sipple of Husker Extra fame: 

However, two sources told me recently that Sanders may face disciplinary action by the school for a nonfootball issue. Asked if NU had taken any action against Sanders, athletic director Tom Osborne said at the time he didn't have any information.    

That might explain the absence of Marvin Sanders and if whatever happened was bad enough, might explain Ted Gilmore's absence if his Recruiting Coordinator duties were an issue. Disciplinary action could be just about anything, but it may be a clear indication that neither Sanders nor Gilmore (guilt by association? perhaps) are trustworthy enough to continue in the capacity as Husker coaches. It's hard to say that without a confirmation, but I'm not sure what else to say about it. 

It doesn't really explain Shawn Watson's absence, however, because there's one item that still bothers me (given the insinuation that Watson has been or will be fired). There's no indication that Wats has done anything wrong - at least in terms of inappropriate behavior, many Husker fans would say that his offense has been wrong for at least a couple of years - so if he's going to be fired - where is he going? 

Watson has been around long enough to be coveted by someone. He has head coaching experience. It's not like his career is going to end because he couldn't be a round peg in a square hole at Nebraska. So you'd think if the offseason plan was for him to leave that another school would have already announced something, much like Kevin Wilson did yesterday - announcing that Corey Raymond would be leaving Indiana to coach the secondary at Nebraska. 

At least Sipple gives us a name to chew on for Watson's replacement - Jason Phillips of Houston. That should kill the Mark Mangino as offensive coordinator rumors. Mangino coming to coach at Nebraska is about as realistic as me taking over as offensive coordinator (hey.... maybe....).

Of course, Sipple also mentions Scott Frost - a name that pops up on a constant basis. Ironic, given that Frost was booed years ago by Nebraska fans who didn't want him as their starting quarterback. 

Obviously some things are going to change. Hey, maybe Pelini will have learned something from yesterday - that he should announce changes before someone else like Kevin Wilson gets the chance to make him look silly.