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Monday Question: Who Is Nebraska's 2011 "Franchise" Player?

Last Friday, I asked the CN community about coming up with some regular features we could have fun with to get us through the offseason. A couple suggestions came up, one being a "What If" Thursday, in which fans would propose what might have happened, say, if Napoleon would have had a B-52 at the battle of Waterloo? Alternative history? I love it!

The other idea which gained a fair amount of attention - Photoshop Friday. I'd love to see more of that kind of stuff here - but I would really like it more if someone would step forward and run with these suggestions. If that's you, send me an email or post here and let me know that you'd like to do these posts. 

As for Monday - well, I think we'll just ask a question to gauge what Husker fans think about a specific subject.

Today's question - Who Is Nebraska's 2011 "Franchise" player?

With regards to "Franchise", I'm of course referring to the NFL's method of placing a franchise tag on a player so that they're bound to the team that currently owns their contract.

In this case, what I'm saying is this - if you had to pick a single player who's so valuable to the 2011 team that you wouldn't want to lose them, whether by injury, transfer, violation of team rules, or alien abduction - who would it be and why? 

If you have an idea for a Monday question, please email it to me -