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Looking For An Off-Season Friday Theme

I'll admit it, I got a whole lotta nothing for you this morning. 

Oh, sure, the Nebraska baseball team plays in Texas again this weekend, but they're playing against Northern Colorado and Sam Houston State, so it's another four-game warm up series before they take on UNK at home mid-week, then have a three-game series against UCLA next weekend at home. That one should be interesting. 

I keep trying to think of a way to get the community more involved on Fridays, and one of the ways of doing that is to encourage more fanpost writing. Perhaps something as simple as a "Fanpost Friday" in which we encourage you, the community, to write some fanposts and then promote the best to the front page. It'll give y'all the chance to write about something that might be on your mind, and - just as important - it may just set give the community another meme to have fun with throughout the offseason. 

It's happened here before. JLew's cats were something that just showed up. Maybe it was by his design, but after he started posting pictures of cats in his Corn Flakes articles, cats started showing up everywhere. (Haven't seen so much of them lately, though.) Maybe we do a "Friday Meme" theme, kind of like "Fanpost Friday" but with a slightly different off-kilter slant. 

Or maybe "Photoshop Friday" - I put up a theme, and you guys come up with the Photoshops around it. 

 We can only write about quarterback and running back production so many times before it gets stale, so what say ye, CN community? What would you like to do on Fridays from here 'til September?