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REDemption! Huskers topple #3 Texas 70-67

The improbable started today.

If you've been wondering when you'd see a sign that the Huskers basketball team was on it's way just got it.

Nebraska snagged it's biggest win in decades, clawing back from 9 down at the half, and surviving at the end for a nail-biting 70-67 victory over # 3 Texas in Lincoln. The Huskers did their best to give it away, leading by 11 points with just 1:41 left. Texas did what it always seems to do to us, and clawed back by getting to the free throw line and draining shots to draw it even with just 12 seconds left.

On Husker Hall of Fame Day, Nebraska didn't fold. With Lance Jeter in foul trouble, Brandon Richardson solidified himself as the leading candidate to lead the team next year- by getting aggressive and hitting two huge free throws down the stretch. Nebraska survived a late three point attempt to tie it, and the rest was history.

Andre Almeida played his humongous heart out, and scored more today than in his last 7 games combined. Jeter used his full allotment of fouls, and the Big Red dug deep to put a stinger into the Longhorns hide. Have a good trip back to Austin boys.

Gameball? Andre Almeida, for earning his spot on this roster. And doing it at a CRITICAL time.

Fans: Commence floor storming. It's about freaking time!