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Friday Question: What does beating Texas mean to you?

With the Kansas loss on Monday, basketball fans are given a full week to debate who will take that precarious #1 spot on top of the college basketball world.

One team in that debate, and for good reason, is Texas.

Arguably playing the best basketball in the country right now, the #3 ranked Longhorns may very well be deserving of the top ranking. Despite 3 losses, the burnt orange are just downright good. It's scary to watch them on the floor, as the athleticism they demonstrate is easily matched by their defensive prowess.

The only team to beat Kansas at home in something like 3 1/2 years, and red-hot. These Longhorns are making a visit to Lincoln tomorrow, and will be looking to make one final statement before Monday's rankings hit the scene. Jumping Ohio State may be possible with a dominating performance over the Cornhuskers. With Nebraska's position as a potential bubble team, the stakes are even higher. Win, and suddenly a tourney spot is in the cards. With at least a .500 conference record and wins over #13 and #3 teams in the country...we'd be in good shape.

For Texas, it's seeking a #1 seed in the NCAA tourney. Something that would be unlikely if 2 of 4 losses came to Nebraska and USC. (A team that Nebraska beat earlier this season btw.) And let's be honest, many Husker fans are still shaking their heads over the ugly loss in October on the football field. Few would have guessed that Nebraska would have a sweet little shot at redemption here, hurting the Longhorns at a pretty critical time of the season. That left me wondering. How far does the distaste for Longhorn culture go?

It's not going to change October. But it would be damned sweet...wouldn't it?

Here's the question then: What would this upset mean to you?