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Bo Pelini Confirms Nebraska Coaching Staff Changes, Orders Death of UNL Staff Directory Manager

Earlier today NCHC Bo Pelini confirmed to the Associated Press' Eric Olson that three new coaches have been officially hired at Nebraska: 

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini has confirmed the reorganization of his coaching staff, making Tim Beck his offensive coordinator and announcing three new assistants.

Pelini told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he has hired Indiana assistant Corey Raymond to coach the secondary, Ohio assistant Ross Els to coach linebackers and Massachusetts prep school coach Rich Fisher to coach wide receivers.   

Most of this we already knew - so no big deal. 

What you didn't know is that Pelini has ordered the death of the person or persons in charge of the UNL Staff Directory for posting the three coaches appointments before Pelini was ready to make the announcement official. They were notified this morning when waking up to find a horse head in bed, the traditional Italian method of notifying someone that, yes, betrayal costs, and costs dearly. 

Oh, well, more job openings at Nebraska!