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Updating: The Vistor's Guide to Lincoln Nebraska

In case you hadn't noticed, ESPN's Big 12 blog said goodbye to Nebraska and Colorado, moving the Nebraska blog under the Big Ten slot and Colorado's into the trash where it belongs.... okay, okay.... into the Pac-10 or Pac-12 conference slot. 

ESPN's Big 12 blogger David Ubben had some nice things to say regarding what he'll miss about Nebraska, and at the top of the list is our greatest asset, Husker fans: 

The fans. Easily No. 1 on my list. Huskers fans are everywhere. Home and away, I can't go anywhere on campus on a game weekend without running into Huskers fans. They e-mail endlessly. They know and love their team. As a group, they're what every fan base should aspire to be. 

I'm sure that'll have some of the Big 12 fan sites urping all over themselves.

Ubben and ESPN's Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg did a Q&A with each other about the transition, and Rittenberg followed it up with Q&A sessions with Tom Osborne and Rex Burkhead. All in all, it was a pretty nice set of articles from the ESPN guys. 

We'll be doing some Q&A with Big Ten sites in the very near future, and one of the most common questions will be about Big Ten fans traveling to beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska. These will center around the game day atmosphere, places to eat, things to do - and we'd like to make sure we're including the best that Lincoln has to offer. 

CN did a "Travel Guide to Lincoln" around the beginning of the 2008 season, and while most of that information should be still relevant, I'd like to know if there's any updates we should include in a new version. So - please take a look at the older version and leave any changes you'd like to mention in the comments section. 

Thank you!