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Obligatory - Playoff vs BCS Column In Which I Wonder Why You Hate Bowl Games

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Mrs Corn Nation complains I don't listen to her. Nothing unusual about that, in fact, it's a pretty common complaint from women about their husbands. Honestly, I don't listen all that well. If it's more than 30 seconds, it trails off, as in "We have a soccer game tonight at 6:30, but there's a band concert and one of us.... you know, those breakfast hot pockets are a lot better than the pizza hot pockets, I wonder if we have any of those left because I could really go for one of those right now....", which is too bad because a lot of the times there's real information in what she's saying that I need to pay attention to.

Unfortunately, most of the time I tend to have this "here we go again" attitude and my brain turns to other more interesting items, like food. Or Battlefield 3.

What I'm really trying to say is - if there were a lot of BCS vs playoff system articles posted this week, I really didn't notice. I'm pretty sure that every possible combination of playoff scenario has been posted and I'm not sure if there's anything more to add other than retreading the same old ground in order to gain web traffic. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but in this case, it's retreading the same old ground for something that's nothing more than a pipe dream, and something a lot less noble than, say, peace in the Middle East. Ask yourself which is more likely - that the people who run college football are going to tear down the current system or that Israel and Palestine will come to peaceful terms that will last - and you have to conclude that this is a toss up (or might actually favor the Middle East).

Just face the facts. Nothing is going to happen that will blow up the current system and replace it with a playoff. Okay, nothing short of the country being torn apart by a zombie apocalypse and you and I promising that if we're part of the survivors that rebuild the world we'll remember to start a college football playoff system when we get to that point in the rebuilding process.

The possibility exists that things may evolve towards a playoff system with the BCS adding a "plus one" game, but evolution takes time, and most of us would like things changed by next week, especially since we don't want to watch LSU vs Alabama in a rematch for the national title.

If there's a certainty every year, it's that most college football fans won't be happy at the end of season and the same complaints come rolling out again (Here we go again). There's no playoff. There's no playoff in sight. There's too many bowls. Some of the bowls are really bad. The match ups are bad.... I'd really like a hot ham and cheese sandwich, and should I take over Hoover Dam myself or let the NCR have it?

I find the "too many bowls" complaint the most puzzling, because the bowls deliver us more college football, and they deliver it in a way that they never would during the regular season because if they had their way most college coaches would play high school teams during the non-conference season. It's unfortunate that the match ups come after teams have already had their hopes dashed and in many cases, their coaches fired, but, hey, you take what you can get, right?

Granted, there are some ugly match ups this year, including the big one, the national title game with LSU vs Alabama. And like you, I don't understand why Virginia Tech is in the BCS (although I'm certainly going to watch them against Michigan), or why anyone would want to watch Clemson vs West Virginia in the Orange Bowl (still going to watch it).

But at the same time, there are some pretty decent games in the next few weeks. Wisconsin vs. Oregon in the Rose Bowl doesn't suck. Neither does Michigan State vs. Georgia in the Outback Bowl. Oklahoma State and Brandon Weeden vs. Stanford and Andrew Luck in the Fiesta Bowl - tell me you're not going to watch that one.

I will be watching as many bowl games as possible because I know that a long, dark offseason waits once they're done, and you can bet that we will have game threads here for every one of them. Wyoming vs Temple in the New Mexico bowl? Hell, yes I'll be watching that. Wyoming started the season with so many question marks it's amazing they even made a bowl this year, so why not?

Purdue vs Western Michigan in the Little Caesars Bowl? Western Michigan's Jordan White will be playing that game, and I haven't seen him all year. Who's White? The leading receiver nationally with 127 receptions, 1,646 yards and 16 touchdowns - I think he's worth watching at least once. I don't care that the game is in Detroit, I'm not going.

Baylor's Robert Griffin III gets to shred a bad Washington secondary in the Alamo Bowl, while Houston's Case Keenum gets a weird match up against a tough Penn State defense in the Ticket City Bowl.

From December 20th to January 9th, there are only four days without bowl games - December 23rd and 25th, and January 1st (what?) and 5th. It should be college football heaven, right?

One thing I don't quite understand about Mrs Corn Nation is that she still gets angry when I don't listen to her. We've been married 22 years. I've at least trained myself to stop drooling when my mind trails off and I start thinking about food. Don't you think she would be used to this by now? Don't you think you just should enjoy the rest of the college football season for what it is right now instead of wishing for change that will never happen in your lifetime?