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Cob Of The Week: The BCS, Oklahoma Sooners And Bad Halves

Here we are, down to our last Cob of The Week before bowl season. Unfortunately, I think this one is a layup. Okay, maybe not. I could miss a layup.

It's a twinkie. Okay, that's not right either, because you eat a twinkie, it's easy, it tastes good for a minute and it's gone. This one neither tastes good, nor will it ever leave.

Ah, I know what this is. It's like mashing your thumb with a hammer. It hurts like hell for a while, then it goes away. Unfortunately, you're probably going to keep smashing your thumb every once in a while when you pick up a hammer. So... it really doesn't ever go away, does it? Year after year, the same action, the same pain, and then you come back and do it again.

You're really stupid, aren't you?

Husker Mike: My nomination: the BCS.

For years, we've been fed the line that going to a playoff makes the regular season meaningless. So now we find teams scheduling as many non-conference cupcakes as they can find. Then, to top if all off this year, we get Alabama vs. LSU for a second time. Just nevermind that meaningless game last month, this one is REALLY for all the Tostitos.

OK, ok. Let's look at the other BCS games. Oklahoma State/Stanford? That's going to be a really nice matchup in the Fiesta. Oregon/Wisconsin? Not bad either. Keep in mind that those are the type of bowl games we would have gotten back in the 80's and early 90's, before this whole BCS/locked-in bowl agreements situation exploded.

Then there is Clemson/West Virginia in the Orange. What is up with that? That's not Orange Bowl material; that's a Peach or Gator Bowl matchup. And Michigan/Virginia Tech? Really? How the heck did the Hokies get an at-large berth? Who the heck did they beat this season? For that matter, who the hell did they even play this season?

Matt: I don't have anyone other than the BCS. Every year, I watch less and less games because of them. I have NO interest in and LSU/Alabama rematch and there's no WAY I'm going to watch the Orange Bowl....again.

Jon: Oh.... Oklahoma. Just because.

Oklahoma could have made things a little easier on everyone if they would have only put up a fight. A close game with Oklahoma State would make it easier to accept that Alabama was the team that deserved to be in the national title game against LSU.

But alas, the Sooners did not put up a fight, allowing the Cowboys to dismantle them much the same way a five-year old pounds a small ant hill with a hammer. "There's no real threat here" says the boy and pretends he's god, crushing the tiny insects without a thought.

Ten points is all your offense can manage against a team that's supposed to have one of the worst defenses in the nation? Ten? I don't care that you lost Ryan Broyles and Dominique Whaley, you're supposed to have those kind of guys stacked out back like cords of firewood.

You had a chance to make this easier for everyone. You blew it. You suck, Sooners.

Oh, and bad halves by Ohio, LSU, and Georgia.

I'm not even going to mention Virginia Tech, because Hokies, you are now so dead to me.