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Doc Sadler And The Technical - Caption Time!

This story really has no substance whatsoever, but I just didn't want the week to go by without us using this picture.

It would be nice to get an explanation of what happened with Doc Sadler from someone who was there, or who pays attention (ahem, knows more about basketball) more than I do. After the game, Sadler said he asked the ref if he could walk over there, the ref said yes, and then either that same guy gave him a technical.

I'm still not sure why Sadler got the technical. Maybe it's because that Creighton coach McDermott was being too friendly. Maybe they were planning a cook out and the ref wasn't invited. Maybe they invited the ref, but were going to cook some dutch oven peach cobbler and the ref wanted apple cobbler. Refs are like that, you now, real picky bastards sometimes.

In any case, this is your chance to have a caption contest. Or captionalloza. Maybe we could come up with a name for caption contests because we have a long off-season of college football ahead of us and we'll need something to keep us busy...