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College Football Rankings: BlogPoll Top 25 - Week 15

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What kind of moron would you have had to have been to rank Virginia Tech #2 last week? First thing they do is go out and get squashed for the second time in a season by Clemson, who held David Wilson and Logan Thomas to 32 and 2 yards rushing, respectively.

Those who won their conference championships were given preference over those who did not, ala why Oregon moves one spot ahead of Stanford and Clemson (despite dropping out last week) one spot ahead of Virginia Tech, who dropped like a rock.

Houston and Michigan State drop like rocks also - Houston because they played quality competition and got their butts handed to them and the Spartans because I probably over ranked them most of the season.

Penn State drops out just because I had to bring back Clemson. Boy, does that suck. Speaking of suck, should I drop Oklahoma farther than I have, because they did suck. If there's one thing that team accomplished this season it was falling flat in some big games.