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Championship Saturday - Open Thread!

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It's the last day of the regular season. Every year we wait and wait, college football season arrives, and it's goes so quick that it seems like the years go by in a blink. Ah well.

Obviously, Nebraska isn't playing today, which is too bad but not utterly disappointing (somewhat, but not utterly), but there's still plenty of college football to be had. And we can spend the day making fun of other teams, which doesn't make up for the Huskers, but doesn't suck either.

The early games include some snoozers, but amongst them is Iowa State vs Kansas State on FSN if you want to watch some of our old buddies in the Big 12. Texas takes on Baylor at 2:30 pm on ABC, and I'm pretty sure I know who you're rooting for in that one.

The big games don't start until 3:00 pm when LSU takes on Georgia in the SEC title game.

Then at 7:00 pm you have the B1G Championship game on Fox (what?) between Wisconsin and Michigan State , the ACC Championship between Virginia Tech and Clemson on ESPN and Bedlam - Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State on ABC.

So, you start with... well, crap, it gets better, and then you have to choose between three pretty decent games. Why? Because the networks hate you and love money. Maybe during the offseason we should go occupy ESPN. Or not. Maybe during the offseason we should ignore ESPN completely and play Xbox games instead.