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Champs Sports and Alamo Bowls - Open Thread

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We have two fabulous bowl games coming up this evening. In the first, two of the biggest named programs of the past 20 years meet in the Champs Sports Bowl, meeting as former shadows of themselves.

Notre Dame hasn't faced a defense like that of Florida State, while Florida State's offense suffers from the same maladies as do Texas and Florida. The 'Noles are 99th in rushing nationally and 111th in sacks allowed. In other words, expect a low-scoring affair.

In the second game, Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III goes up against Washington and Chris Polk. Given that Washington's defense can't defend the pass, and Baylor's defense can't defend the run, you can expect plenty o' scoring.

Isn't that what the Alamo Bowl is for, though? Scoring, scoring, scoring?

Champs Sports Bowl: Florida State vs. Notre Dame

4:30 p.m.

ESPN (HD) (3D)

Alamo Bowl: Baylor vs. Washington

8:00 p.m.