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Can't Take Them Anywhere: Mizery Trashes Shreveport Open Thread

Missouri's first trip into SEC territory after announcing their jump from the Big XII is not going well. Between beat writers complaining about the hospitality or the mascot busting the trophy before the game, Mizzou is playing the the part of the guest from heck. (Did Uncle Eddie's RV make the drive down from the Griswold's?)

That's right... Truman the Tiger tried to hoist the Independence Bowl trophy over his head...and dropped it. Fortunately, he did it prior to kickoff, and so a local jeweler was able to provide a replacement crystal bowl to make the trophy whole again.

Consider this your game thread for the afternoon and evening. At 4 pm on ESPN2, it's the Independence Bowl between Missouri and North Carolina. At 7:30 pm, it's Monday Night Football on ESPN between New Orleans and Atlanta. Is your Fantasy Football team still alive in the playoffs? (Hey, mine snuck into the playoffs, and is riding a three game winning streak into the Fantasy Bowl next weekend!)