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Finally Official: Papuchis is New Nebraska DC, Kaczenski Hired Away From Iowa As DL Coach

Earlier today, Head Coach Bo Pelini finally made a couple of Nebraska's worst-kept secrets official regarding the defensive side of the coaching staff. Welcome aboard, Mark Stoops, and welcome back, Kevin Cosgrove!

Stop spitting pop all over your keyboards, I'm kidding.

Pelini announced that defensive line coach John Papuchis would replace Carl Pelini, who was hired as Florida Atlantic's head coach on Dec. 5, as defensive doordinator and that Rick Kaczenski has been hired as NU's new defensive line coach. Papuchis also served as NU's special teams coach and recruiting coordinator and Kaczenski served in the same postion at Iowa. At 33 and 36 years old respectively, Bo appears to be going with youth and energy as trademarks of the defensive staff.

More details on the hires can be found here. But more importantly, comment below: