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Caputo to be Charged With Reckless Driving, Not DUI

Senior Mike Caputo, the starting center for the Huskers, will be arraigned this afternoon on charges of reckless driving as a result of his arrest on December 11th. That night, police found Caputo asleep behind the wheel of his F-150 pickup truck in the parking lot of a convenience store on West "O" street. A preliminary test at that time showed Caputo's blood alcohol level at .103; Nebraska's legal limit is .08.

Why the reduced charges? That's unclear, but it is clear that Bo Pelini was aware that the details of the case might not result in a DUI charge. That explains why Pelini has held back on disciplinary action on Caputo, preferring to wait for the legal system to run it's course. That could be due to the fact that the truck was parked when Caputo was arrested. It's still illegal to be in control of a parked vehicle while under the influence, and being in the driver's seat with the car keys is in control. The reduced charges could be a reflection that Caputo stopped driving and parked the car, perhaps after realizing he was not in condition to drive. It may also be that Caputo's alcohol level, at the time of his actual driving, may not have been over the legal limit. In either case, it's just speculation as to the reasons why

In any event, with the reduced charge, it's unlikely that Caputo will be suspended from the team now. He'll almost assuredly be penalized within the program. Note that Eric Martin will not be allowed to participate in some of the activities around Orlando prior to the Capital One Bowl game against South Carolina; Martin was ticketed the same night as Caputo for leaving the scene of an accident. I expect similar punishment for Caputo. At most, he might be held out of the starting lineup.