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College Football Predictions & Thread - Final Week of Regular Season

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Will Georgia be this happy come Sunday? Not likely, but chaos demands it's victims.
Will Georgia be this happy come Sunday? Not likely, but chaos demands it's victims.

Mike: Hey, isn't the season over? Well, as far as we're concerned, I guess. But Jon wants to do this, so .... okay, fine.

Jon: We wait and wait and wait and wait during the offseason for the start of college football season. So... in honor of Nebraska's next home game being, oh, 270 or so days away, you're damned right we're doing this.

Aaron: Hey, I'll take any chance I can get to pick against Texas.

Jon: Hey, what? Iowa State vs Kansas State, the official Farmageddon - is this weekend, and no predictions?

MAC Championship
Northern Illinois (-3.5) vs. Ohio

Mike: Weasel fans may be confused by this one, since they get the two Ohio schools confused. And I admit that I don't follow much MAC football, so I'm going with my heart here. Bobcats 27, Huskies 24

Jon: This is Ohio's third trip to the MAC Championship in the last six years. Not bad, Frankie boy, not bad! But, maybe this time he could win it. Did you know that Ohio has only six nine-win seasons in their history and Solich is responsible for three of those? You didn't? Well, hell, now you do! Both teams have decent offenses, but Northern Illinois' defense is pretty bad, giving up 32 points per game, tenth in the MAC. Who wins? Frankie! WOohoo!!!
Ohio 37, Northern Ilinois 31

Aaron: Northern Illinois lost to Kansas. They learned from their mistake and have had a great season since. I'd love to see thee Ohio University win a conference title for Solich, but I don't think it's going to happen. Northern Illinois 31, Ohio 21

Pac-12 Championship
UCLA (+31.5) at Oregon

Mike: This one reminds me of the 2005 Big XII Championship game. Lame duck coach sneaks his team into the conference championship game...and gets throttled. Quack, quack, quack. Ducks 70, Skippy 3

Jon: If you want a treat during this game, head over to the SB Nation UCLA site Bruins Nation and check out their game thread as it'll be sure to be smokin'. DON'T POST THERE, THOUGH! It's too bad the Bruins are letting Rickie coach this last game, because I would have like to see if UCLA would have played harder without him around. Doubt that it'd make much difference. LaMichael James - maybe 300 yards in the first half?
Oregon 77, UCLA 10

Aaron: I have to say that I'm curious to see how the PAC-12 championship game "expericence" works out. It should always be a sellout if it's at the home field of the best team in the league. I still think that they will reconsider the first time Colorado or Utah hosts the game in the cold. But at least USC and UCLA will never play in that game at CU or UT. Mighty Ducks 51, Not-so-Bru-ha-ha's 7.

B1G Championship
Wisconsin (-9.5) vs. Michigan State

Mike: No way Bucky lets this one get away from them. Badgers 35, Sparty 24

Jon: The last time Michigan State played Wisconsin at a neutral site, it was 1993, when they lost 41-20 in Tokyo, Japan. Sparty keeps talking about how they're being disrespected, and they have a point. They did win their division, and they did beat Wisconsin, even if it was on a hail mary. Still, you have to go with the fact that Montee Ball + Russell Wilson + Nick Toon + Jared Abbrederis > Kirk Cousins + Le'Veon Bell +Edwin Baker + B.J. Cunningham.
Wisconsin 35, Michigan 21

Aaron: This game remindes me a lot of the 1999 rematch between Nebraska and UT. Nebraska lost the regular season match up in Austin and came back to take care of business against the Longhorns in the title game. That being said, I picked MSU to win the B1G before the season started so I'm going to play the "hey, crazy things happen in college football every week" card on this game. Michigan State 31, Wisconsin 27

SEC Championshp
LSU (-13.5) vs. Georgia

Mike: Here we go! Anarchy! Georgia has been solid in recent weeks, and chaos theory demands this. Dawgs 24, Tigers 21

Jon: I'd love to see anarchy, but I just don't think it's in the cards. LSU's defense is just too damned good, and I don't see Georgia being able to overcome that. Maybe if Brandon Boykin could cut loose on some kickoff returns, and Aaron Murray can stick with a quick passing game, Georgia could make some noise. Still. LSU 28, Georgia 20

Aaron: Georgia could surprise a lot of folks this weekend. They really haven't been challenged much this year and have a nice winning streak going. But, LSU has looked great and I think Georgia is in over their heads. LSU 42, Georgia 17.

Texas (+2.5) at Baylor

Mike: Wha? Baylor favored over Texas? Next thing you know, they'll be forcing Mack Brown out. Oh, wait. Bears 31, Cows 17

Jon: Once again, Texas, no offense. Baylor, craploads of offense. I'd like to think that Heisman Trophy voters are waiting to see what happens with Robert Griffin III, but I think most of them have already made their choice in Andrew Luck or Trent Richardons. That's too bad. Get this - from media notes: Baylor is the only FBS school averaging 300+yds passing and 200+yds rushing. Baylor is also the only school in the top 20 in both rushing & passing offense. Texas' point production over the past three games - 5, 13, 27. That means this week:
Baylor 45, Texas 35

Aaron: I'm picking Baylor, but they do have a tendency to blow a game that they shouldn't. Baylor 42, Texas 37.

Oklahoma (+3.5) at Oklahoma State

Mike: For true chaos, this one would call for Okie State to win to throw everything into flux. So fine. Cowboys 42, Boomers 38

Jon: Oklahoma has lost two of its best playmakers, leading receiver and returner Ryan Broyles and leading rusher Domonique Whaley. They still have Landry Jones, Kenny Stills and Roy Finch however, and Oklahoma State's defense is susceptible to let downs. Even so, I'm picking Oklahoma State to win just because, well, hell, why not? Why can't something good happen to the Cowboys? Screw Oklahoma. Oklahoma State 52, Oklahoma 51

Still - if you're planning on watching just one of these games this weekend, get this:

  • The cumulative score for the last seven Bedlam games in Stillwater: OU 239, OSU 231.
  • Three of those seven games have been decided by six points or less.
  • The largest margin of victory over the last seven games in Stillwater is OU's 61-41 win in 2008. That game was 44-41 with eight minutes remaining.


Aaron: Oklahoma finds a way to keep the Cowboys out of their first BCS bowl game and win the Bedlam game again. Sooners 54, Cowboys 42.