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Husker CornCast: Bowl Edition

It's college bowl season!

While some of you may take that as a bad thing, many of you (including us) enjoy the bowl season, as it allows us to see a bunch of mediocre teams play each other! (just kidding). In this, the final episode of Husker CornCast of the year, hosts Jake Sorensen and Will Grubb break down the Nebraska-South Carolina Capitol One Bowl game, and determine if it will be a B1G victory or an SEC triumph.

Your intrepid hosts select their Husker players of the year and newcomers of the year.

Last but certainly not least, they dig into the BCS bowls and provide predictions of those games, too.

We'd like to thank you all for listening this season! Remember, you can still contact us next semester as we dig into Nebrasketball Husker CornCasts! Reach us at (571) 306-CORN, or shoot us an email at . Happy holidays, folks!