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Husker Players Banned From Twitter - Shocking? NO!

He was tweeting while doing this. Seriously, you know he was.
He was tweeting while doing this. Seriously, you know he was.

You knew it had to happen sooner or later, but apparently Bo Pelini has finally banned Husker players from using twitter. Brandon Kinnie told Unsportsmanlike Conduct that there will be no more twitter usage in the coming weeks.

I don't find this all that shocking. With Mike Caputo's status up in the air, the end of the semster and the holidays approaching (read: lots more drankin' goin' on), the last thing this team needs is anything silly showing up on the social service.

It's too bad, though. Twitter provided a connection to players such as Yoshi Hardrick, Will Compton and Alfonzo Dennard, that didn't exist otherwise.

Perhaps the good news is that the service won't be overloaded as often now that Kinnie can no longer access it. At last count, Kinnie had generated just under 22,000 tweets and gained around 7,500 followers.

The bad news is - what will Kinnie do without his newfound addiction?

Maybe he's gonna have to go all Frank Rossitano on us, start wearing trucker hats with a crapload of different phrases. Or maybe they'll just make signs. Carry 'em around, change 'em constantly. I used to do that, back in the day. Went through a lot of whiteboard markers.