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Saturday Gamethread Part Deux: Huskers vs. Horned Frogs/ Heisman Award Thingy/Other stuff

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Tipoff: 7:00pm CST Location: Daniel-Meyer Coliseum - Fort Worth, TX

Television: MTN (Mountain West Sports Network) Ch. 616 on DirectTv - Tape Delay on BTN , Thursday @ 1pm.

Live Stats and Internet Radio:

Radio: IMG Husker Sports Network | KLIN 1400 in Lincoln - KFAB 1110 in Omaha - KRVN 880 in Lexington

Play by play - Kent Pavelka Color - Matt Davison

SCORE UPDATE | Final: Huskers 69 Frogs 57

Nebraska travels to Fort Worth this evening to take on the Froggies of TCU, and look to push their record to 6-3 with just two games left until conference play starts.

I'm not exactly sure how to feel about the Huskers last game, a last second win over Florida Gulf Coast. On one hand, it's Florida Gulf Coast - a team that's been in existence all of 20 years and not exactly running with the big dogs of the BCS. However, they are a Div I school, and all statistics and reports from their season thus far were indicating that the game was going to be a battle. But we don't really want to hear that, do we?

My final take is this: Nebraska won the game. It wasn't pretty, and we don't know much about that opponent...but we found a way to win - despite a poor shooting game and only 6 points from our leading scorer. And that's the thing, Nebraska won. College basketball's flow is lost on many people, because unlike football, you can lose games. Even the North Carolinas and the Dukes and the Kansas' lose games. The best part? Losing a few games isn't going to kill you. It's about getting enough wins, and winning the right games at the right times. Plus...we have a looong way to go until March.

So here we are at TCU. The Frogs show a good record on paper, but I think we're the better team. TCU is not ranked in the AP polls, but does currently hold a #19 RPI rating thanks to a solid win over Virginia. Nebraska has the talent however, and unless that talent decides not to show up...the Big Red should win easily, and get their 5th straight win over the Froggies.

Game Notes:

- Nebraska has won the last 4 meetings against TCU, including 3 wins in Lincoln, and one in Forth Worth.

-TCU and Nebraska will pass each other at the door, as the Frogs will join the Big 12 in 2012 - just one season after Nebraska leaves.

-TCU is rebounding from a dismal 11-22 season in 2010-11, and went just 1-15 in conference play.

-Nebraska averages 66 points per game, while TCU is averaging around 73 ppg.

-The Huskers have been struggling from the 3 point line as of late. (Gamebreaker Stat) If Nebraska wants to win, and win easily..they need to live up to their early season 3pt. percentage of almost 40%. Shooting below 20% could spell bad news for the Husker offense.

-TCU is returning 3 starters from last season, and currently have 4 players averaging in the double-digits in scoring. ( Hank Thorns, JR Cadot, Garlon Green, Amric Fields )

-Senior guard Bo Spencer is coming off a season low of 6 points versus Florida Gulf Coast. (Gamebreaker Stat) He'll need much more than that tonight, and the Huskers need more consistency out of the floor leader.

-TCU is enjoying a 7-2 record after it's first 9 games. However, the Frogs have won 5 of those games by less than 6 points. Oh, and don't feel so bad about the Huskers' win over FGCU on Wednesday. The Horned Frogs first win? That's right - a one point squeeker over Florida Gulf Coast. (Hey, maybe those Eagles aren't so bad??)

Saturday night with no college football! We do have that Heisman thing going on, and while I think that trophy has become little more than a fancy bubble gum card, I can't not watch it tonight. One cool thing though, Eric Crouch will be recognized on his 10th anniversary of winning the award. Should be good to see that.

I'm ready for a big ass win, are you?