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Nebraska vs. Penn State: Scandal Overshadows Football Game

Honestly, I find myself in a quandary with how to deal with this. I want to focus on the football game, but it's really a secondary issue right now. 

Joe Paterno was supposed to have had a press conference today, but it was cancelled by Penn State University President Graham SpanierPaterno's retirement is said to be imminent. It's hard to believe that Paterno would be gone without Spanier also exiting the university, but we'll have to see how this all plays out, and hopefully that will all occur before Saturday. 

There seems to be some question about whether or not we'll be playing a game this weekend. Penn State has to deal with this issue, and they must do it quickly, before the damage gets much worse. People want answers to the questions - what did Paterno know and didn't know, why did no one call the police, ever - basically how was this allowed to happen over so many years? 

Should this game continue, I want to make something clear. This scandal has little to nothing to do with Nebraska, nor does it have to do with the Penn State players. If there is a game this Saturday, I will try my best to focus on that football game despite a growing feeling that it shouldn't take place. 

In the meantime, all we can do is watch the events unfold before us, pray for all those involved, some to heal, and some to do the right thing.