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Cob Of The Week: Mostly Nebraska, but BTN Gets A Mention

This space intentionally left blank.
This space intentionally left blank.

You know what I did Saturday right after the game? I sat in my chair for a while, depressed, and ate damned near a whole tub of pico de gallo. And it wasn't your little jar, either, it was one we bought at Costco because we like our spicy in bulk.

So why eat so much at one time? Because it went with the gin & tonics, that's why. It wasn't as dumb as eating an entire box of triscuits with damned near a whole jar of sliced jalapeños, but it's pretty darned close.

Even today, everything tastes like heartburn. I'm not sure if that's because of the Northwestern game or not. Okay, who am I kidding - I'm just trying to blame something else and not own up to my own stupidity.

Jon: Arizona State got upset by UCLA putting the Bruins in the driver's seat in the Pac 12 South. On a normal week, I'd have more fun with Dennis Erickson getting beat by Rick Neuheisel, and you would too - but I doubt right now that most of CN's constituents care all that much about UCLA.

No, my nomination goes to Nebraska. (Surprise!). Maybe I should narrow that down a bit, eh? How 'bout Tim Beck?

He's now had a loss at Wisconsin where he had Martinez throwing the ball when he was clearly struggling, and a loss where he was trying to run the ball when Martinez was having an excellent game through the air. By the end of the third quarter Martinez was 16-for-18 for 153 yards and a touchdown, finishing 28-for-37 for 289 yards and two touchdowns - so he had nearly as many yards in the fourth quarter as he had the previous three.

Maybe I'm getting all Captain Hindsight on the guy, but I still don't understand what he's trying to do with the offense. I'm not sure he understands what they want to do either, I don't know. Can someone clear this up?

Mike: Nebraska offensive line. C'mon...block somebody. Please. When Northwestern's defensive line is spending as much time in Nebraska's backfield as Rex Burkhead, something's horribly wrong.

Brian: Nebraska rushed for 122 freaking yards against a team that gave up 381 rushing yards to ARMY. Army had _6_ passing yards, as well, so we can't even use the tired "but but but they had 9 in the box" excuse. F minus to the OL, Cotton, Beck... basically everyone but Martinez.

Matt: Oh, and can we devote just a LITTLE time to practicing an onside kick? Five-Ten minutes tops?

RICKY: Aside from the obvious, I'm going to go with BTN. Maybe it's the TV director geek in me, but BTN's production values absolutely suck. Their cameras had a yellow tint to it except for the camera at field level. It was sunny in Lincoln, right? Then the cameras were dark, too. Also, the down and distance graphic for Nebraska didn't work.

I understand things occasionally don't work, but could someone in the truck relay that to the announcers? Maybe the play by play guy could have thrown in down and distance once in awhile to let us know what the hell was going on. Oh, and since BTN is raking in record profits, could someone PLEASE invest in a play clock graphic? Hell, even our local CW affiliate has that on their high school games.