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Thursday Night Open Thread!!!!

Welcome to Thursday Night! How the hell did this get here so quickly? It was just Monday, then poof! Here we are. 

Oh. well. 

Tonight it's Florida State vs Boston College at 7:00 pm on ESPN, and Tulsa at Central Florida on CBS Sports. 

And hating Northwestern. I had been working on a story, but it ain't going to make it in, so after the jump is a partial list of why to hate that other NU, the fake NU! 

Purple? Wildcats? Sounds like Kansas State.

Don't let Northwestern fool you into believing their jNWU. They're purple. They're Wildcats. They were a perennially bad team until Randy Walker came along and coached them to a Big Ten title in only his second year. Walker sadly passed away in 2006, leaving Pat Fitzgerald as head coach. Fitzy, as he's widely known (okay, mostly to Iowegians, but even they can do something right once in a while) likes to chew on butts... literally. 

They might be hurting this year, but it's only a matter of time before they try to tear a Nebraska quarterback's head off during an upset victory so why wait for that? Go ahead and hate them now just like you do Kansas State.


Mike already covered this. Darn it.

Brent Musburger

Brent Musburger, Northwestern alum. Do I really need to say more than that?

 Brothels on Campus

Brothels? Near campus? Well, what else you going to do you're going to school with a bunch of braniacs and your sports aren't that good?

There are so many of them that the city of Evanston had to start cracking down, evicting hundreds of students living in brothels. I imagine the rampant brothelism is an attempt to breed better football players, but you know what happens when nerds get together - more Brent Musburgers. Does the world need that? NO!

The Fighting Methodists

Northwestern was once known as "The Fightining Methodists", but apparently weren't that good at it because the name didn't stick. 

The Big Ten's only private school? Not that good at sports? They sound more like Baylor in that regard, don't they?