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We're Not Huskerpedia.... Nor are we HuskerMax

Oh...lookie. Sexy Rexy stuck between a rock and a hard place. I KNOW HOW HE'D HANDLE IT!
Oh...lookie. Sexy Rexy stuck between a rock and a hard place. I KNOW HOW HE'D HANDLE IT!

This is only because I feel compelled to say something about the issue.... which, honestly, goes against my instincts. 

We're not Huskerpedia. We are not Huskermax either, but we welcome anyone who's looking for a place to land. I have no dog in the fight between these sites. Neither of them link to us on a regular basis and I don't see that changing regardless of what happens. 

David Max wrote for me in one of my Cornhusker Kickoff issues, and I like Max, he's always been decent to me. He and Joe Hudson have provided a site (sites?) and have done a helluva service to Husker fans over the years. I don't know anyone on the other side, and I never was a member of either BBS system. That sounds weird, doesn't it (?), given that I run this place, but yet, other than Mike Nolan's email list I have had no online presence when it comes to Husker football. 

Here's the thing about CN. All y'all are welcome here. I originally started this site because I wanted to write about Husker football and when we started, Husker football was in the darkest days we'd seen since before Bob Devaney arrived. 

He who shall not be named was in charge, and that other forgotten guy a coach. Those two weren't the worst, however. 

The worst was a propensity between Husker fans to tear each other apart. "True Fan" is still a phrase I hate yet today and I'm not going to go into what makes a "true fan" because I think it's inane. Do season ticket holders really think they look better when they're yelling at each other about how many consecutive years they've had tickets?

Times were tough then. Not as much now.  Consider me Rodney King when he said "Can't we all get along (Island Iced Tea)"? 

Anyone wondering what's going on between those sites or wondering where to go is free to join us with a caveat, which is: 

Keep (or get one) your sense of humor about Husker football. We have fun here. We openly welcome fans of other teams to talk smack. We will make fun of our own beloved team from time to time, so if you're one of those people who can't stand criticism of Husker football, hey, maybe we're not for you - SEE SENSE OF HUMOR REFERENCE. 

Above all - ABOVE ALL - I expect that everyone treat everyone else like they'd like to be treated. Be decent human beings, get a beer (or a gin & tonic), have some conversation, bitch about the offensive line (OR NOT!), Tim Beck, maybe that Bo Pelini doesn't wear a tie (EVER!), and what have you, but don't bitch at each other. 

That is the one thing that we (I) won't tolerate here. I don't want you attacking each other personally for your opinions, your past, or whatever other reasons you might have. 

Husker football is something we all love, otherwise we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't be passionate about it. Maintain the passion. drop the hate, save it for the enemy  (or that guy who stole your girlfriend/car/pet hamster). 

Have fun, sunsabitches.