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Cobs of the Week: Kansas Fans, Ken O'Keefe, Ron Zook, and Charlie Weis

This guy deserves a Cob for bringing his sign for the the Iowa State/Kansas State game to Lincoln. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
This guy deserves a Cob for bringing his sign for the the Iowa State/Kansas State game to Lincoln. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
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Did we overdose on tryptophan this weekend or what? Tuesday afternoon, and we're just now doing the Cob nomination? Well, let's just get started then. Who's the worst of the week in College Football? (Other than the guy above who brought his Iowa State/Kansas State sign to Lincoln...)

Kansas Fans

Not for a second-half collapse against Mizzou. No, this is for firing Turner Gill. Kansas football thinks they are Kansas basketball; an elite caliber program. Heck, they went to an Orange Bowl in 2007! Yes, Kansas football has been bad...really bad...the last two years. But let's not forget that Mark Mangino ran this program into the ground in 2009, going 1-7 in Big XII play with Todd Reesing and Kerry Meier. And let's be honest...have there been any signs that Mangino left a stocked roster? Let's also not forget the off-the-field problems during the Mangino era, where the football team was openly fighting the basketball team. Gill laid down the law, and a lot of players left the program. You think that's not going to result in a downturn?

Nobody is suggesting that Kansas fans should be happy with the on-the-field performance of KU football the last couple of years. But two years is woefully too short to make the call on Turner Gill. Gill's record after two years is better than Mack Brown's at North Carolina , Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech, Kirk Ferentz at Iowa , and Gene Chizik at Iowa State .

Kansas fans were a little delusional about their program in 2010 when Gill was hired, thinking they were going to finish 8th in the Big XII, win eight games, and make a bowl game. The warning signs of a rebuilding project were clear then. But Kansas fans didn't want to believe it. In firing Gill, Kansas fans and administration have gone fully-whacked-out-delusional.

Charlie Weis

We knew their offense was struggling, but I didn't realize it was as bad as it was until watching Florida against Florida State . Didn't this guy try to tell us he was an offensive genius or something? Or maybe this is another square peg/round hole situation.

Ron Zook

Illinois completed one of the worst collapses in NCAA football history this weekend. No team had ever won their first six games and then lost the last six. Not only did they lose to Minnesota, they were humiliated by the Gophers. Illinois was down 27-0 late in the third quarter to Minnesota before they got their only points. You know it's bad when Minnesota wins and the fans don't storm the field. They acted like it was expected to beat the Illini.

That's too bad...because I was looking forward to having as much fun with the Zooker as we had with Dan Hawkins. Hey! Maybe the Illini needs some Hawk love?

Ken O'Keefe

Oh, Iowa's offensive coordinator definitely deserves a nomination for taking last Friday off. How about taking a knee with 30 seconds left before halftime with timeouts in his pocket to use. How about being completely unimaginative most of the day.