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Urban Meyer New Ohio State Coach, Bo Pelini Denies Interest - What Do You Think?

Ohio State will be naming Urban Meyer as their new head coach this afternoon.

It was first reported than Bo Pelini interviewed for the job, something that Pelini has denied.

What do you think?

Nebraska could have hired Turner Gill!

If Bo Pelini would have taken that job, Nebraska could have hired Turner Gill!
Taylor Johannsen - Currently Member of Thieves Guild
Ohio State Woody Hayes
At least there won't be another ten-year war, 'cause that sonofabitch Meyer can't stay in one place more than five.
Rocky Roberts - Retired Horticulturist
Bo Pelini is getting a raise
If he didn't interview with them and they wanted him to, he's an idiot! It doesn't matter either way, though, he's getting a raise!
Mike Smith - Xbox Programmer
Meyer will fail miserably at Ohio State
Wait until Meyer tries to run those flashy fast offenses at Ohio State. They'll run him out of town in three years.
Barry Felker - Former Olympic Gold Medal Winner
Want Bo Pelini Fired
Didn't everyone want Bo Pelini fired last week? That was two weeks ago? Oh, okay. I forgot what week we're on.
Mary Beth Jenkins - Tax Accountant