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College Football Rankings: BlogPoll Top 25 - Week 14 (Virginia Tech Moves to #2)

I have moved Virginia Tech into the number two spot behind LSU for one simple reason. I have no desire to see a LSU-Alabama rematch as a national title game. While I realize that the BlogPoll doesn't count in the BCS, I would like some feedback as to how likely y'all think that this will happen in the BCS formulas should LSU win their SEC title game, Virginia Tech win the ACC, and Oklahoma State destroy Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game Bedlam rivalry game. 

Bottom line - Alabama had their shot. It's time to give someone else a chance. 

Unfortunately, it appears more likely that if there's a not a LSU-Alabama rematch that Stanford is poised to make a move, going in front of the Hokies in this week's BCS poll. Oklahoma State remains at #3 in the BCS, while I have them ranked #8. While there's a chance that someone could leap frog Alabama, it's pretty doubtful.... unless coaches change their votes en masse, and how likely is that? Oh, hell, prolly not very likely even if I want it to happen. 

Wisconsin comes in at #5, which is fairly high compared to the AP and Coaches polls and I fully expect them to throttle Michigan State in next week's inaugural Big Ten Championship game. 

Nebraska re-joins the poll at #19. 

As always, feedback needed!