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College Football Predictions & Thread - Week 12

Mike:  Hey, with Turkey Day...we've got to do these early!  And the games are pretty putrid for the most part.

Aaron: Well, it's still football. In two weeks it will be bowl season and dreaming about next year.

Jon: Funny how fast it goes. You spend each week hoping for the next game, and here we are, at the last regular season game. You know what that means? We'd better be prepared for the basketball team to beat Wisconsin and Michigan to make up for it. Yeah! ‘Cause it'll count!

Texas (+8.5) at Texas A&M

Mike:  Is this the end of this series? Hard to say, but it'll all depend on the Bovines and which way ESPN wants this to go.  But for now, we have two underwhelming coaching staffs trying to salvage the season.  The perfect way for this to go is the tie...but overtime makes that impossible.  So someone has to win this, right?  Well, A&M sucks less than the Cows.  Gaggies 34, Ground Bevo 24

Aaron: A&M really wants to play Texas after this year, but Texas wants nothing to do with them. I think it's fair to say that the Aggies need Texas more than Texas needs the Aggies. A&M takes a 14-point lead into halftime only to blow it in one last epic Big XII meltdown. Texas 42, A&M 38

Jon: This has been a great game for both teams, honestly, and if they're both too damned stubborn to realize the spotlight they've gotten because of it, the hell with both of them. Both sides will pretend they don't care, but play like hell for this one.
Texas has no offense, while Texas A&M gives up leads. I agree with Mike - Texas A&M can score more, get enough of a lead, and since they're playing the hated ‘Horns, hold it.

Houston (-3) at Tulsa

Mike:  I wonder how many BCS officials are buying Tulsa t-shirts to wear under their coat and tie?  BCS Armageddon demands a Tulsa victory, though.  Tulsa 44, Houston 42

Aaron: BCS chaos you say? Well, if LSU wins this weekend and loses to UGA in the SEC title game along with Oklahoma beating Oklahoma State, you could potentially see two teams play for the national title that didn't even play in their conference title game. Stanford and Alabama. Houston 63, Tulsa 60

Jon: If you miss the NBA, this might be the next closest thing. If you don't miss the NBA, you still might want to catch Houston quarterback Case Keenum, who holds current records for career passing yardage (17,855), total offense (18,771), touchdown passes (145) and completions (1,427). These teams are playing for a shot at the Conference USA title, winner gets in the championship game. Doesn't sound like much, but consider that Houston is one of only two undefeated teams and fi they lose this game, it's a disaster since they won't get either a BCS bid or a conference championship. Still, Houston... hard to gauge given the quality of their opposition. Ah frack it, I'm going with Tulsa. Tulsa 53, Houston 48

Michigan State (-6.5) at Northwestern

Mike:  This game probably means more to Northwestern now.  But I think Sparty is more than ready to play this one.  Sparty 31, Purple Kitties 24

Aaron: Noone is giving Michigan State a chance in the B1G title game. I'm starting to lean their way a bit.  I don't think they let Northwestern get a win here. Michigan State 28, Northwestern 17

Jon: Can it be that Mark Dantonio has brought consistency to Michigan State? Sparty has won 20 of their last 24, 13-2 in conference. 20 wins over the past two season is the highest two-year win total in school history (12-game seasons tend to do that stuff, though). Still, only favored by 6.5 against a horrid Wildcat defense? Kirk Cousins and B.J. Cunningham should have a real good time a real good time a real good time. Spartans 34, Wildcats 21

Arkansas (+13.5) at LSU

Mike:  How does Arkansas deal with the emotion of the death of backup tight end Garrett Uekman?  That throws a new wrinkle into this game.  I'm subscribing to the BCS Chaos theory right now, so.... Arkansas 31, LSU 28

Aaron: LSU should be able to contain Arkansas. Of course I saw no reason to pick against Oregon last week (lost to USC) or against Wisconsin last week (almost lost to Illinois). LSU 42, Arkansas 24

Jon: LSU is favored by 13.5? Wow. That's kind of a lot of points. Who wouldn't like to see LSU lose this one if for no other reason than more chaos, i.e. bloodshed? Arkansas should be able to score, but LSU - not so sure. I would like to see Arkansas win this game, and I feel dirty saying that. BTW, when Les Miles went to LSU, you could see an incredible future rising. LSU 29, Arkansas 28

Old Oaken Bucket: Purdue (-7) at Indiana

Mike: Purdue needs this one for bowl eligibility.  And if Indiana had anything in the tank, Purdue wouldn't get it.  But this is Indiana..  Boilers 34, Hoosiers 25

Aaron: Crazy things happen. It was great to see Minnesota keep the pig and would be fun to see Indiana protect the bucket at home. I may root for you, Hoosiers, but you burned me in that Northwestern game so I'm gonna pick against you. Purdue 28, Indiana 17.

Jon: Uh. Wow, we picked this game? (Mike did. He sets up the predictions.)  It'll be interesting to see what Kevin Wilson does to build a winning team at Indiana. If he can. You realize that Indiana has only won two B1G championships? Yeah, one in 1947, the other in 1967. Purdue, OTOH, has won eight, last one in 2000. (Ooooh. Nebraska's last one was in 1999. Are we Purdue? ACK!) Purdue wins the Old Oaken Bucket, easily. Purdue 34, Indiana 17

Black Friday: Iowa (+9) at Nebraska

Mike:  Let's leave that Hy-Vee sponsored bull in the grocery store. It's Black Friday.  Every Nebraska player from within the state knows what will happen if Iowa pulls off the upset.  They won't let this happen...  Huskers 31, Squawkeyes 17

Aaron: Game of the week, here. Nebraska gets to start over after last weeks outting at Michigan.  This game could really go either way. Iowa got their first road win of the season last year and I think it will be their last. Isn't there another big game in the B1G this weekend? Guess not. Nebraska 27, Iowa 21.

Jon: It was embarrassing at Michigan last week. If we play like we did in Ann Arbor, Iowa's going to win this game. That would be beyond disastrous. That ain't going to happen, but prepare for a four-quarter game. In fact, always prepare for a four-quarter game. This is the Big Ten, dammit. If you're expecting those scores that we ran up versus Iowa State years ago, then you're really a dumb ass. Nebraska 31, Iowa 21