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Corn Nation Thanksgiving Day Turkey Recipe - Because We Love You

[This one comes to you from CN community member sd.husker, who's provided us with loads of smoker recipes over the past couple years.]

The past couple of weeks I've been seeing these commercials advertising the new indoor electric Turkey fryer by Masterbuilt. I'm always for trying something new, so we purchased one of these this last weekend and this is how we're going to cook our turkey this year.

I have deep fried turkeys in the past, with the old propane, burn your deck down, Turkey fryer. The taste is awesome and they retain their juiciness perfectly! Last year I cooked two Turkeys, one deep fried and one smoked. The smoked one I actually smoked in the house, with my smoker of course! Ask me about that sometime!

The nice thing about this indoor fryer is that, you can do it indoors, which is very convenient when the temp outside is below freezing, it takes half the amount of oil, and super easy cleanup! According to all the videos I've watched on this new fryer, it should be a breeze! We will soon find out.

Remember,,, I have not used this fryer yet so this recipe is HOW I'm going to do it, not how I did it. With that being said, on to the recipe.

I'm starting with a 14lb. Turkey that I will soak in a Brine for at least 12 hrs. If you're not sure about how to do this, it's really easy. Basically we're just soaking the Turkey in a bucket of water, for 12 hrs. or so to let the spices penetrate the meat. This will make for a super moist and tender Turkey. Here's a quick and easy brine solution recipe that I have used many times.

I'm starting with a clean bucket large enough to hold 2+ gallons of water and the Turkey I'm smoking. Here are the ingredients I'm mixing into the bucket of water:

2+ Gallons water

2 cups Kosher salt

3 cups Sugar

4 TBS Black pepper

¼ cup Worcestershire

1 TBS Thyme

1 TBS Poultry seasoning

Of course you can toss in any seasoning that you think will work best for you. Whatever you use, It will penetrate the meat and add great flavor. Just remember to keep the brine solution cold! You can even put the Turkey in the solution before it's completely thawed, and that will help keep the brine cold. The nice thing about brining a Turkey, it doesn't matter how you cook it, the flavor it adds is worth the extra step!

The next step is firing up the fryer and set the temp at 375 degrees, slowly lower the Turkey into the preheated oil, and cook for 45 minutes or so. Keep in mind that I haven't used this fryer yet so I have no pictures of the finished product, but I will update everyone on how it turns out,,,with pictures!!

Im attaching this short video of the fryer and how it's supposed to work. It looks great and like I said, I WILL follow up with pictures! Good luck and have a great Thanksgiving!!!