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Cob of the Week: SEC Cupcakes, Husker Not So Special Teams, And Whack Job Husker Fans

It's a short one this week. I'm guessing most of you are taking it easy due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Unfortunately, not I. I. I am always behind, so this is, like most everything else I do, a little (hahaha kindness to myself) late.

From Husker Mike:

Nebraska Not-Even-Remotely-Close-To-Special Teams. Two fumbled kickoffs, a blocked kick, giving up a fake field goal, and getting flagged for roughing the kicker to extend a drive. That turned a bad performance into a blowout.

SEC Cupcakes: On Sunday, the sportswriters rewarded the ESSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEECCCCCCC for surviving their weekend diet of cupcakes. And I mean surviving. Furman leading Florida much of the day. The Citadel neck-and-neck with South Carolina. A one dimensional Georgia Southern team racking up over 300 yards on the ground on Alabama. We saw what you did there.

Whack-job-Husker fans: Hey, nobody's happy that Nebraska failed to get to the Big Ten Championship game. We're frustrated by what happened against Michigan... not to mention that Nebraska hasn't been to a BCS Bowl game in ten years. Disappointment is in order. Second guessing and questioning is in order. But calling for a coaching change? Are you freaking nuts? (Answer: Yes)