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College Football Rankings: BlogPoll Top 25 - Week 13

Chaos chaos chaos, and now the SEC assumes the top three ranks with LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas sitting at 1,2,3. Arkansas and LSU will face each other this Friday, and regardless of who wins or loses, college football armageddon may come as a result.

Armageddon? Yes. A national title game that NO ONE wants to watch. Okay, maybe not no one, but no one that I know. Or particularly like all that much. If you couldn't take the obnoxiousness of the SEC before, well, the only hope is that there is still time for plenty more chaos. 

Oklahoma State's loss was fun, but incredibly sad. Baylor's defeat of Oklahoma was particularly fun mostly because Robert Griffin III showed why he's the most incredible player in college football, and will most likely get little or no consideration for the Hypesman. Rooting for USC made me feel bad, but I've showered since then. 

I dropped Nebraska from the poll and replaced them with Arkansas State. So there. 

Just in case you don't remember what chaos looks like, here's a friendly reminder: