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Corn Flakes: The Day After Michigan

I hate doing these after a loss, but there are things that need to be said.

I watched the first half, then was driving home. My Dad called during my drive, and I thought either Nebraska won the game on a great play, or they were in a full meltdown, he wouldn't call for any other reason. Well if you watch the game you know the reason for the call.

The links outline the long list of problems from the game. Go ahead and chime in with your thoughts.

'Murphy's Law' game leaves NU with lopsided loss -

Four personal fouls. Three fumbles. Three sacks. A 23 percent third-down conversion rate. Two dropped coverages that led to touchdowns. One dropped snap that led to another.

and this isn't even all the issues, coaching, dropped passes, ugh just kill me now.

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Big Loss in the Big House as Michigan Dominates the Huskers

While that ended any chances Nebraska had to come back, the horrible officiating was not the reason why Nebraska lost this game. Michigan's defense dominated the Huskers today, and it started up front. No room to run whatsoever meant Nebraska needed to throw the ball...and the receivers pretty much sucked all day long. Make a catch, keep a drive alive...maybe something happens for the Huskers. And we can't go into this review without bringing up special teams: two fumbled kickoffs? A blocked punt? These errors turned a 10 point loss into a 28 point trip behind the woodshed. It was the final straw that made this game way too ugly.

Oh yeah the horrible officiating! I've been warned that the officials in the B1G were horrible, and they were against Nebraska on Sat.

More of what you don't want to read after the jump.

Report card: Nebraska-Michigan

GAME MANAGEMENT (A) Why an "A"? Because somebody has to give Bo Pelini credit for not going Lee Corso (see Corso's on-air slip-up Saturday) on this officiating crew. That's the first roughing-the-punter call I've seen in which the punter wasn't touched. Roy Roundtree's long reception in the first quarter came after he pushed off. And the Big Ten will review every TD that comes within 20 feet of a pylon, but not an obvious fumble by a quarterback? Despite Nebraska's equally bad showing, we'll hold the officials accountable (since nobody else does).

OVERALL (F) The lack of focus and concentration by this team in some games really is dumbfounding. That's really the only explanation for the many errors Nebraska made Saturday. How can a team be so focused and prepared for Michigan State and Penn State, and look so lackluster, bewildered and out-of-sync in losses to Wisconsin, Northwestern and Michigan? The answer: leadership. The inconsistent, up-and-down label can be firmly slapped on Bo Pelini's program.

Yep some are starting to question this coaching staff. And I have to agree.

Shatel: Out of Legends race, loss raises questions -

What should be a burr is the idea that in year four, Pelini’s Huskers are getting blown out by 20th-ranked teams, saddling themselves with senseless penalties (and one horrible roughing call), turnovers and uninspired play-calling and execution. In games where the Fiesta Bowl is cheering for them to show up.

And another one, it's starting to become a major concern. This is Bo's team now.

Michigan's defensive plan works by limiting Martinez, Burkhead -

"We had a plan going into it," Garrison said. "Twice we didn't recognize things and we didn't pick up the pressure on it. Falls back on me. I need to do a better job with these guys and make sure they understand that."

Steven M. Sipple: Husker defense stressed out by Mr. Robinson

Nebraska botched a couple chances to make interceptions. The Husker secondary had decent coverage a few times, and receivers simply worked harder to make plays.

To be honest between Nebraska shooting themselves in the foot and the officials handing Michigan more gifts I don't know who the better team was. I feel like we were cheated out of a good game by the poor play and the officials. at Michigan 45 … Nebraska 17

It was as if Nebraska’s D knew it was on center stage last week. It missed too many stops and was out of position too often against the Wolverines. … A ten-win season is still possible with a win over Iowa and a bowl victory. This might not have been the season the Huskers were hoping for, but a 9-3 regular season finish would hardly be anything to criticize.

No! No positive articles today.

Third quarter was a disaster for Nebraska special teams

Late in the third quarter, Nebraska closed to 31-17 and appeared to have a little momentum. The Huskers forced a Michigan punt early in the fourth quarter, but Wil Richards was flagged for roughing the punter. The 15-yard penalty gave the Wolverines a first down, and seven plays later, they scored to make it 38-17. "That was not the right call, bottom line," Pelini said about the roughing call.

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Michigan Wolverines - Recap - November 19, 2011 - ESPN

"Our mindset has just changed 360 (degrees) and now it's showing," senior defensive tackle Mike Martin said.

If you changed 360 degrees, you'd be pointed in the same direction you were facing. Hey I'm sick of hearing about how great Michigan is and I can only link to the turnovers and bad officiating so many times.

NU volleyball earns share of Big Ten title

Nebraska (23-3, 16-2 Big Ten) plays at Iowa on Tuesday and at Northwestern on Saturday, giving NU two chances to win the title outright against the 10th- and 11th-place teams in the conference.